Furious mum slams school claiming her Muslim kids were made to say Lord’s prayer

A mum has claimed that her Muslim kids were forced to say the “Lord’s prayer” in school.

Emma Ben-Saīd, 35, said she complained to Weston Point Community Primary School, in Runcorn, after her two kids say they had to perform the Christian “Our Father” prayer.

The mum, who also went to this school when she was a child, claims her kids’ teacher and the interim headteacher knew her children were Muslim.

She also claims that this had happened multiple times, despite raising the issue with them.

Ms Ben-Saīd says she’s been left “physically and mentally exhausted” with dealing with the issue.

She is now one of several parents to come forward about concerns regarding a cultural shift at the school.

Abbi Morrison, 29, described the situation as “absolutely awful” and said several teachers are leaving “because they can’t cope”.

Abbi also claims she’s aware of situations where proper procedures haven’t been followed.

She said parents have been “making complaints like terrible” including to Ofsted and governors, but have “got nowhere”.

She added: “In the past couple of weeks it’s got much worse.”

Halton Borough Council, which runs Weston Point Community Primary, has issued a response on behalf of the school.

A Halton Council spokeswoman said: “Weston Point Primary School works in close partnership with children, parents and families.

“Like all schools, if parents have any concerns or complaints then these are raised directly with the school and the appropriate course of action is taken following the school’s complaints policy.

The Mirror contacted Halton Borough Council for a statement.

Last year, we reported how a separate school was forced to apologise after a video showing Muslim pupils praying outside in the cold weather sparked anger.

Male pupils were shown praying outside the Oldham Academy North to conduct their Jummah prayers (Friday prayers).

The footage shows eight school boys praying on the pavement with a member of staff wearing a hi-vis jacket supervising.

Oldham Academy North said pupils couldn’t pray inside because severe flooding had caused 15 classrooms to have to be closed due to the damage.

The school issued a formal apology in a statement and confirmed that an investigation had been launched.